New Exhibit at Operas.org: Belgian Opera Singers - A Selection of the Most Renowned Performers November 29 2018

A new slide exhibit was just posted in operas.org - our sister, non-profit website - and we are very excited about inviting everyone to visit!. SEE IT HERE.

Exhibit was curated by an expert in the field, depicts a selection of 34 slides with photos of the most famous Belgian singers in history. A short text caption talks about them, and many of the pictures have sound clips allowing visitors to get a glimpse on how their voices were. 

Names include baritone Jacques Bouhy, tenor Ernest Van Dyck, tenor Laurent Swolfs, mezzo-soprano Jeanne Maubourg, baritone Armand Crabbé, soprano Fanny Heldy, tenor Fernand Ansseau, sopranos Clara Clairbert, Vina Bovy and Lily Djanel, and more.

Did you miss the past exhibits? no worries: you can also visit past opera-themed exhibits under the "Exhibitions" link on the homepage. The store area has a few opera-related products, helps support this fascinating project honoring historical opera. 

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