Seven Years of Tamino – Opera, Classical Music & Ballet Autographs! December 28 2013

Giacomo Puccini signed photo

Giacomo Puccini signed photo 1907

On December 28th, 2006 our first website went online! - Back then, our catalog only had some vintage, unsigned programs, no autographs, no shopping cart. Lots of work and exactly 7 years later, we are proud to say that, with over 4,000 items online, we have the largest online catalog of opera autographs, classical music autographs and ballet autographs and memorabilia.

Unlike most of our competitors, we include small and large items, we do not focus mostly on what is signed and/or high priced. Also unlike them, we truly understand the collector - in his own feelings and mindset - because we started and we still are collectors and we still feel and enjoy the passion of collecting. We are the only ones building an online museum dedicated to historic opera (more about this in a future posting on this blog).

With annual sales well into the six figures and a vast inventory still unlisted online, we start 2014 and our 8th year with plans to move our site to a new, improved website. We have a long, long road ahead. Let´s see what happens in the next 7 years of Tamino.

Happy Holidays!

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