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Tamino Autographs: 11 Years! December 28 2017

Lina Cavalieri unsigned CDVs

On this date, December 28th, but exactly 11 years ago, Tamino Autographs appeared on the web! - It has been a long way since then - Tamino now offers books and prints, music memorabilia, unsigned photos and programs, totaling 9000+ items in our site online.

Tamino Autographs is not only present in several important web markets and fairs, but is also the exclusive vendor of autographs to the Met Opera shop and the Juilliard Shop in New York, as well as provider to important institutions in the US and abroad.

Yes, it is a journey that took 11 years and counting, and all this is thanks to collectors - we would never have succeeded without their support!

Photo: Lina Cavalieri - unsigned Russian CDV, shown in role. See more Lina Cavalieri unsigned CDVs.

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