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The OPERAS.ORG Project! An Online Opera Museum June 28 2017 is the new home of a passion for opera and old-time singers. It is our project, one that is fully sponsored by us!

Our purpose is to expand knowledge among opera lovers and general public about opera singers of the past. This is so much needed today, especially among younger generations.

This online photo museum, sister website to our commercial site, is not-for-profit and seeks the promotion of the art of opera in all forms. This is a long time project which will eventually include sound clips and a wide variety of resources available online for free.

Whether you are a long time opera lover or a new aficionado, this website will provide you with a peep into it’s glorious past, links to further information on operas and singers, institutions and internet resources, as well as sound clips and videos.

Don´t forget to visit, and recommend,!

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