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Opera Playbills & Memorabilia

Opera Playbills & Memorabilia

Opera Playbills & Memorabilia - Great playbills & memorabilia from opera performances. The ultimate source for opera playbills & memorabilia.

Vintage original playbills announcing upcoming opera performances. All listed items are in stock.

Opera Playbills & Memorabilia

(Item #: M4938-WOS2A)
Star Canadian soprano (1847-1930), one of the greatest singers of her time. Playbill announcement for a performance at the Academy of Music in Baltimore, Maryland, of Lucia di Lammermoor. Year is not mentioned, but this was part of a USA tour she did in 1874 with the Strakosch Lyric Company and was her debut in Baltimore. Size is 6 x 19 inches, some loss of paper at the top border, otherwise in very good condition.

PRICE: $100.00 USD

(Item #: M4935-WOS2A)
Famous Italian contralto (1824-1896), considered one of the greatest singers of all times. Playbill announcement for her debut concert in Philadelphia, Musical Fund Hall, Sept. 27th, 1852, with Luigi Arditi conducting. Size is 7.5 x 15.5 inches, some paper loss on borders, otherwise in very good condition, clean, with no rust.

PRICE: $90.00 USD

(Item #: M3133-G10)

Famous German tenor (1804-1860), a protegé of Spontini, Breiting sang at the most important theaters in Germany in his time, and in London, Prague and in France, eventually developing symptoms of a mental disease that ended his career and his life early. 

Extraordinary, unique collection of 23 original, vintage playbills from the 1830s, 40s and 50s - all opera performances listing his name in the cast. Of the total of 23, most (16 of them) are 9 x 14 inches or so, 4 playbills are large, poster-like size (up to 18 x 24 inches) and 3 are smaller size (5 x 8 inches approx.). In good to very good condition, all have folds, some rust stains, minor losses, but overall very good, with the exception of the large Covent Garden playbill 1842 that is in poor condition.

Many rare playbills, including a few very early performances of some operas, such as Tannhauser.

Also included are 18 newspapers or magazines from the same time period, mentioning him. See scans. Full magazines or newspapers (except one).

A total of  41 items, all are scanned.

PRICE: $295.00 USD

(Item #: N1135-OS3)

Beautiful original playbill announcing Winter Season opening performance on Oct. 9th, 1848 at Covent Garden. Playbill lists a large number of singers, including swedish soprano Henriette Nissen (1819-1879) and others. Very large size! 24.75 x 9.75 inches, in very good condition, bottom part has a fold and a crack (nearly detached from the rest). It can be framed and look beautiful

PRICE: $125.00 USD

(Item #: B0810-Bx9-1)

Covent Garden 1833 Playbill - Israelites in Egypt

Covent Garden 1833 Performance of The Israelites in Egypt, music by Handel and Rossini. Singers : Wood, Wilson, Ransford, Stansbury, Phillips, Shirreff, Cawse. Orchestra of the King's Theatre, the Ancient Concerts and the Philharmonic with instrumental performers. Under direction of : Nicolas Mori & Rophino Lacy 1 page, 7.5 x 13.5 inches (21 x 35 cm).

PRICE: $85.00 USD

(Item #: N1134-OS3)

Beautiful original plabill from Covent Garden announcing a for the first time a performance of Bellini?s opera "La Sonnambula"!. Cast includes british soprano Adelaide Kemble (1815-1879) as Amina (the sleepwalker). Also announced is the play "White Cat". Very large size: 19.75 x 10 inches! great item to frame in excellent condition.

PRICE: $125.00 USD

(Item #: B0993-Bx20)

Brussels, Opera Royale de la Monnaie playbill, May 6th, 1916. Performance by an all German cast during German Occupation of Belgium in World War I. Walter Soomer, Julius Roether, Heinrich Winkelshoff, Karl Wenkhaus, Gustav Schützendorf, Julius Lieban, Walter Eckard, Hertha Dehmlow. The orchestra was composed by Belgian and German Army Bands. Conductor : Richard Hagel. A rarity!

PRICE: $75.00 USD

(Item #: B1585-4-A)

3 playbills of the Royal Court Opera of Stuttgart, 1904-1906. Der Corregidor by Hugo Wolf, 25 May 1904. Die Legende der heiligen Elisabeth by Franz Liszt, 16 April 1905. Marie,  Die Regimentstochter by Donizetti, 31 October 1906. Set of 3 playbills. 

PRICE: $70.00 USD

(Item #: N1132-OS3)

Konigliches Opernhaus (Dresden) playbill , year 1901, announcing a performance of Karl Goldmark?s masterpiece opera "Die Konigin von Saba". German star soprano Therese Malten (1855-1930) is in the title role. Size is 8.75 x 15.25 inches, great condition, a few cracks.

PRICE: $90.00 USD

(Item #: N1133-OS3)

K.K. Hof-Burgertheater Playbill for a performance of Anton Rubinstein'ss opera "Die Maccabaer", first performance at this theater, conducted by this famous pianist and composer!. This opera was premiered a few years before (1872). Size is 15 x 9.25 inches, great condition, no cracks, no stains, some minor damage on left margin.

PRICE: $90.00 USD

(Item #: B1121A-Bx16-1)

Karl Muck conducts Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Wagner) in Munich 1923, 24 x 20,5 cm. Münchner Opernfestspiele 1923 München, Prinzregententheater, 5. September 1923. With Fritz Feinhals - Berthold Sterneck, Fritz Krauss - Maria Müller at the beginning of her career

PRICE: $45.00 USD

(Item #: B1513-4-3)

Playbill Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg at the Vienna Staatsoper, 12th October 1886, with Theodor Reichmann, 8 x 10 inches, 1 page

PRICE: $45.00 USD

(Item #: M0995-R5-6)

Playbill announcing the world premiere of Die Vier Jahreszeiten, a music fantasy with singing and dancing by German baritone and writer Ernst Pasqué (1821-1892), music by L. Schlöffel. Size is 37 x 45 cm (15 x 18 inches), has folds, in excellent condition

PRICE: $135.00 USD

(Item #: N3406)

Fritz Reiner conducts Die Walküre, playbill announcement, Teatro Colón, Argentina, July 1926

PRICE: $20.00 USD

(Item #: B1588-4-A)

Playbills of the Frankfurt Opera House, 1916-1919. Die Zauberflöte by Mozart, 24 January 1916. Marta by von Flotow, 16 May 1919. Der Freischutz by von Weber, 31 May 1918. Rigoletto by Verdi, 9 September 1919. Set of 4 playbills, 1 sheet each, large size: 10 x 15 inches!

PRICE: $45.00 USD

(Item #: B1821-2-B)

Set of 5 playbills Semperoper Dresden and Opera Leipzig, 1941-1943. Tiefland of Eugen d’Albert, Il trovatore of Verdi, Marta of Flotow, La Boheme of Puccini, Der Zigeunerbaron of Johann Strauss. Conductors: Willy Czernik, Kurt Striegler, Rudolf Kempe. With singers as Robert Burg, Kurt Böhme, Martha Fuchs, Mathieu Ahlersmeyer, Margarete Teschemacher

PRICE: $40.00 USD

(Item #: N3408)

Faust and La Damnation de Faust, playbill announcement, Teatro Colón, Bs Aires Argentina, 1914. Cast includes Aldo Bonci, Giuseppe de Luca. Tullio Serafin conducts

PRICE: $75.00 USD

(Item #: M0997-R5-5)

Playbill announcement for a very early performance of Germania by Alberto Franchetti in March 1903, first representation in Rome, with the presence of the composer. Tenor Mario Sammarco performs. Excellent condition, size is 6.5 x 14 inches

PRICE: $195.00 USD

(Item #: B1580-4-A)

Gotterdammerung at the Nationaltheater Munich. 11 May 1922. Conductor: Robert Heger. Stage direction: Anna Bahr-Mildenburg, 8 x 19 inches!, 1 page

PRICE: $40.00 USD

(Item #: N3410)

Playbill announcing upcoming opera performance, Felix Weingartner conducts Gotterdammerung, 1926 - Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PRICE: $30.00 USD

(Item #: M4934-WOS2A)
Playbill for a performance of Lucrezia Borgia at the Boston Theater, January 17th, 1855, with star soprano Giulia Grisi in the title role, and star tenor Giovanni Mario as Gennaro. Interestingly, playbill announcement also states that signed librettos of the opera are exclusively sold at the theater. Size is 7 x 19.25 inches, some damage on borders, otherwise in very good condition, clean with almost no rust.

PRICE: $130.00 USD

(Item #: N3405)

Playbill from Teatro Sol?s (Montevideo, Uruguay).

PRICE: $50.00 USD

(Item #: B0938-7-A)

Program May 1st, 1888 Playbill Lohengrin (Wagner) Lola Beeth - Amalie Materna. Playbill 25 x 19,5 cm. Conductor not mentioned as usual in the 19th century, but it concerns Hans Richter. A repaired crack, otherwise in very good condition.

PRICE: $55.00 USD

(Item #: B0453-4)

Playbill for the world premiere of this opera by Julius Bittner - Size is 9 x 11.5 inches. Friedrich Weidemann, Erik Schmedes, Marie Gutheil-Schoder, Grete Forst, Richard Mayr, Alexander Haydter, Julius Betetto, Artur Preuss. Conductor: Bruno Walter

PRICE: $85.00 USD

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