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Ballet Memorabilia & Collectibles

Ballet-related vintage programs, posters, photographs, books and other unsigned material related to classical ballet and ballet dancers. All original, guaranteed authentic. All items listed are in stock.

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Ballet Memorabilia & Collectibles

(Item #: GB9017-GX224A)
Group of 36 unsigned ballet dancer photographs, most stamped on verso by photographer Fred Fehl, New York, some by Alfredo Valente, New York and others. Artists depicted include Alicia Markova, Hugh Laing, Tamara Toumanova, Igor Youskevitch, Alicia Alonso, John Kriza, Anton Dolin, Tatiana Riabouchinska, Roszika Sabo, Diana Adams, Ian Gibson. A nice, organized collection, there are cardboard separators indicating performers` names and what ballet they are in. Majority of photos are in the 5 x 7-inch format, a few are in 8 x 10 inches, all in excellent condition.

PRICE: $200.00 USD

(Item #: GB9048-GX224B)
Group of 63 unsigned ballet dancer photographs, most stamped on verso by photographer Fred Fehl, New York, some by Alfredo Valente, New York and others. Artists depicted include Alicia Markova, Anton Dolin, Alexandra Danilova, Igor Youskevitch, Alicia Alonso, Nathalie Krassovska and others. A nice collection, including a handwritten sheet with numbers and description of these photos (the numbers are written on verso). Most photographs are in the 5 x 7-inch format, six are in 8 x 10 inches, all in excellent condition.

PRICE: $250.00 USD

(Item #: M2891-OS8)
Group of 4 posters with photographs by famous photographer Max Waldman, showing Baryshnikov in performance. Size is 28 x 21 inches each, in excellent condition. Click on thumbnail photos to see all 4. Note: white (light reflection) areas seen in some parts of posters are just an artifact created by flash and are not present in the real posters.

PRICE: $90.00 USD

(Item #: M2875-LI)
An excellent, detailed and original ballet sculpture in bronze of star dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. Signed and identified by artist Selene Fung,1978 number 1 out of only 30 copies made. Size is 15 inches tall, 5 inches wide, weight is 6.4 pounds!. In excellent condition. ALSO INCLUDED is a hand-made drawing of Baryshnikov, by the same artist, 8 x 11 inches (Cat. # M2875-R5-10). See photos.

PRICE: $1,240.00 USD

(Item #: M2877-OS8)
Copy #27 of 250 numbered copies - SIGNED & dated "London ´77" by Baryshnikov on the title page. Features 6 silk screen mezzotint prints one for each of the Ballets noted in the title. (10" X 8" images printed on 17" X 15" sheets), photographs by Jennie Walton. Published by Megara Screenprinting, London, first edition 1977. All prints, covers and pages are fine. Housed in a black portfolio with silver stamped titles & black satin ribbon ties. (18" X 16"). In excellent condition. A notably uncommon production highlighting the charm & grace of the dancer in his prime. RARE! sold at bargain price.

PRICE: $1,450.00 USD

(Item #: M5241-Y7B)
Original program from Teatro La Scala, season 1847, for a performance of Beatrice di Gand, including in the cast famous Austrian ballerina Fanny Elssler (1810-1884), and Italian dancer, choreographer and mime Domenico Ronzani (1804-1868). Complete, with all 16 pages and original covers, size is 4.25 x 6.5 inches, in excellent condition - a rare find.

PRICE: $160.00 USD

(Item #: N1806-F3)
Performance program for a dance recital by Harald Kreutzberg, 1952, T. Colon, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Full program

PRICE: $20.00 USD

(Item #: A0127-OS10ML)
Star Ukrainian-born French dancer (1905-1986) and Russian-born French ballerina (1921-2007), he was one of the greatest male dancers of the 20th century. Set of 4 unsigned photographs, each stamped by Lido photographs, Paris, shown together in rehearsal - including one next to famous French writer and designer Jean Cocteau (1889-1963). These were most probably taken during the 1930s or 40s. Each photo is 7 x 9.25 inches, mounting traces on verso, otherwise in very good condition.

PRICE: $2,245.00 USD

(Item #: N1661-CL-F2)
Teatro Colón program, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1952. Markova dances with Roman Jasinski - Music by Chopin-Robert Zeller, conducted by Robert Zeller. Full program, 6 x 9 inches, very good condition.

PRICE: $25.00 USD

(Item #: M5264-OS8)
Hand-colored etching by famous British caricaturist and printmaker James Gillray (1756-1815), published by H. H. Humphrey, London, 1796. French dancer Charles Didelot (1767-1837) performs on the stage between two women (his wife Rose on the left, and Mme. Parisot (c.1775-1837) on the right). Size is 17.4 x 12.5 inches, some spots with rust, overall age toning, tape marks over the top margin, otherwise in very good condition.

PRICE: $545.00 USD

(Item #: M4681-TOP-OS8)
Beautiful statue in biscuit porcelain, design and creation by Stuart Mark Feldman, issued by the Pavlova Society of London in commemoration of the famous dancer´s 100th birth anniversary in 1981. This is a limited edition, highly collectible item, size is 5.5 wide by 9.25 inches high, in excellent condition. A truly gorgeous collectible that will make a wonderful gift. A finger on her left hand is broken and missing, this is barely noticeable but it is there. Priced accordingly. Anna Pavlova was a star Russian dancer (1881-1931), having performed it around 4,000 times during her career, "The Dying Swan" (premiered in 1905 with coreography by M. Fokine on music by Camille Saint-Saens) was one of her signature pieces. SEE HERE IMPORTANT NOTE: This item can NOT be shipped outside the continental United States. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PRICE: $335.00 USD

(Item #: M4521-F5)
Full program for a performance of Swan Lake at Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1975. Maia Plissetskaya performs as main dancer, with Valery Kovtun, 8 x 11.5 inches, in very good condition.

PRICE: $25.00 USD

(Item #: M4693-Bx7)
Canadian prima ballerina (b.1946), was the princinpal dancer of the National Ballet of Canada, currently producer, director and filmmaker. Signed pointe shoe, inscribed, size is approx. 3.5 x 9.25 inches. Shoe was obviously used, in very good condition.

PRICE: $185.00 USD

(Item #: A0126-OS10ML)
American dancer (1909-1988) and ballet impresario who run her own company on tour. Beautiful unsigned photo, an unsigned print stamped on verso by famous German-Argentinian photographer Grete Stern (1904-1999), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Stern studied at the famous Bauhaus photography workshop in Dessau, and in 1935 established the first modern photographic art exhibition in Buenos Aires.

PRICE: $500.00 USD