Tamino Autographs buys autographs and pays top prices - Sell your autographs to us!

Staging companies, autograph collectors, individual sellers, estate sale agents can visit our location in New York city by appointment or contact us via email or phone for assistance.

Need help selling your autograph collection? We are autograph experts and we are always actively buying autographs - and selling. 

We can help you sell:

- Signed items such as photos, manuscripts, documents, performance programs, books, memorabilia, and ballet shoes.

- Vintage unsigned and original photographs of classical musicians, old performance programs in classical music.

Sell your music manuscript autograph of a classical musician to us, we have a large number of interested collectors. We buy autographs and can pay very good prices to those who decide to sell autographs.

- We also buy unsigned books with biographies of classical musicians, ballet dancers, composers and opera singers, and books related to history of ballet, classical music and opera.

 We purchase autographs related to:

- Historical figures.

- Important personalities in literature, science & exploration.

- Autographed items (signed photos and movie posters, documents, etc) of film actors, actresses and directors, celebrity autographs, entertainment memorabilia, mostly from before 1970.

- Rock stars and modern music autographs, pre-1980.

- Autographs of classical musicians, composers, violinists, pianists, conductors, opera singers, and ballet dancers


WE CAN NOT ACCEPT SCANS SENT TO OUR CELL PHONE VIA WHATSAPP or SMS under any circumstances, sorry. For this, we provide our email address at the bottom of this page. 

Autograph scans can not be properly evaluated and compared on a cell phone screen, so please only use email to send them to us (our address is at the bottom), or (if you have many files) upload them to Google Drive or similar service and email us the link.


How to proceed & Important Notes:

Sell your autographs to us - Buying Autographs - amino Autographs - Autograph Dealers

1) No records (LPs, CDs, etc): We do not buy unsigned records or material related to theater plays or musicals, or space-related nor sports memorabilia nor sport autograph items – We may be interested in autographed music records from your collection, we don´t buy nor sell unsigned records of any kind.

2) Please be serious about selling. We do not provide free appraisals for items that you are not seriously interested in selling.

Please kindly abstain from contacting us if you are simply curious about the value of items you have and are not for sale or for appraisals for items you plan on selling but in an online market or somewhere other than to us. Appraising autographs takes a good deal of time and experience, and we are not free providers, sorry.

3) Please be ready to send good quality scans or digital photos. You can contact us via email or phone (see contact information at the top). Good photos or scans of your memorabilia items are crucial for anyone buying autographs. Please include the size information in your email, a list of items and description, the reason your items are for sale, any information on provenance.

4) After we inspect your photos or scans, we may make you an offer if the item(s) are of interest to us. We respond to all serious inquiries.

5) If we agree on a price with you, we will require that you first send us the material. All professional dealers do this and we pay after item(s) are received and inspected. We do not send money in advance, but shipping costs could be arranged with us. For years, our company has been doing a large number of transactions buying and selling every month, with everyone fully satisfied. Rest assured you will be paid as agreed for material sent to us, without any hidden commissions or charges. Tamino Autographs is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business, member of many important professional associations, and we have a long-standing and immaculate reputation we care about. Tamino Autographs is a professional dealer and a regular buyer of collections and certifies signature authenticity and value for auction houses, and institutions.

Please ship your items packing them carefully between pieces of hard cardboard and labeling your box or envelope with a DO NOT BEND label on both sides. You are welcome to include any PSA/DNA certificates if you have any, or any other CoA if you have them (optional).

6) Consignment alternative: In some cases, you might want to consider consigning your autographs to us. Items will be offered on our website at your price plus a small overhead charge, no commission to you. You will get fully paid when your items sell.

7) Under certain circumstances, autographed photos or memorabilia could be returned to you after inspection. This could be if we discover any problems, we were not able to certificate authenticity or any other issues such as copies of autographs (signature is part of the photo), damage, or else. You will not be required to pay return shipping costs, we will take care of that.

8) We will pay you with your choice of US bank check, PayPal payment, money order, or bank transfer provided you are outside the US and for dollar amounts over 1,000. Cash payment is also an option if you are in New York City. 

We look forward to doing business with you. Thank you!

CONTACT US --->  HERE - See our email address and phone at the top of this page. Feel free to call us or send us email.


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