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Signed & Unsigned Prints

Original vintage, collectible, signed and unsigned prints, related to performing arts. All items guaranteed authentic. All items listed are in stock.

Signed & Unsigned Prints

(Item #: N5230-OS3)

Set of 12 large size vintage prints in color, mounted in quality cardboard, showing singers (in role customes) from the Golden Age in Bayreuth. These high quality prints from the beginning of the 20th century show the following artists: Ernst Van Dyck as Lohengrin, Jean de Reszke as Romeo, Katharina Klafsky as Isolde, Albert Neimann as Tristan, Rosa Sucher as Isolde, Max Alvary as Siegfried, Rose Caron as Desdemona, Marcella Sembrich as Violetta, Emma Calve as Carmen, Hermann Winkelmann as Walter von Stolzing, Emma Eames as La Contessa in Le Nozze di Figaro plus 1 print showing a famous painting by C.C. Curran depicting a performance of Faust at the The Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Color prints are 8.5 x 11.75 inches mounted on quality cardboard paper of 11 x 15.25 inches in size. All prints are in excellent condition, except the Emma Eames, which has damage over the right size (see photo).

PRICE: $95.00 USD

(Item #: N5228-OS3)

Beautiful photoengraving print showning German-American conductor and violinist Theodore Thomas (1835-1905). Thomas was the first music director and the founder of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Print is from early 20th century. Large size: 11 x 15.25 inches, in excellent condition

PRICE: $70.00 USD

(Item #: M3782-OS5.860)
Limited edition (#115 out of 850 copies made) of a print by British artist Colin Bithell, showing Caruso in various roles and himself in poses. Size is 16 x 20 inches, like new. A beautiful, affordable collectible to frame and display!

PRICE: $195.00 USD

(Item #: N7145-OS4)

Original vintage print from the Illustrirte Zeitung, 1891, mounted on an acid-free mat, size is 14 x 18.5 inches (total), print is 10 x 14.5 inches (visible window size). In excellent condition

Depicted singers are Reichmann, Herzog, Grunign, van Dyck, Scheidemantel, Malten, Winkelmann, Sucher, Alvary, Mailhac, and others, after photographs by F. Waibler.

PRICE: $185.00 USD

(Item #: N6814-M8-7)

Vintage, large size print of the German soprano (1826-1894) who created the role of Elisabeth in Tannhauser in 1845 less than a week after her 19th birthday. This vintage print shows her as Ortud in the premiere of Lohengrin in the Berlin Hofoper (Konigliches Opernhaus, Berlin), in 1859. In full color, hand-painted, in excellent condition. Size is 9.25 x 12.25 inches, rare!

PRICE: $200.00 USD

(Item #: N7140-OS4)

Original vintage print from the Neue Illustrirte Zeitung, 1882, mounted on an acid-free mat, showing 2 scenes from the world premiere of Parsifal (act 1, scene 1 and act 2, scene 1). Size is 14 x 17.5 inches (total), print is 10 x 13.5 inches (visible window size). In excellent condition

PRICE: $180.00 USD

(Item #: N7146-OS4)

Original vintage print from the Illustrirte Zeitung, September 1876, mounted on an acid-free mat, showing a scene (the awakening of Brunnhilde) from the world premiere of Siegfried as part of Der Ring cycle, which took place at Bayreuth just two months before. Mat size is 13.75 x 18.5 inches, vintage print is 9.75 x 14.25 inches (window visible size). In excellent condition, ready to frame or easy to remove from mat if desired

PRICE: $180.00 USD

(Item #: N5663-OS3)

Beautiful print of the star German soprano (1848-1929), this is the original (not a copy) cover of the Harper´s Weekly journal, published on January 18th, 1890. Print depicts Lehmann in the title role of The Queen of Sheba, opera by Goldmark, only the cover or front page - not the rest of the magazine. Large size: 11 x 16 inches, in excellent condition

PRICE: $45.00 USD

(Item #: N2311-OS2)

Large format sheet music with the lyrics and music of "My Cousin Caruso", song written by Gus Edwards, lyrics by Edward Madden, published by Gus Edwards Music Co., NYC, around 1909. The cover features a drawing of Enrico Caruso by Enrico Caruso and a facsimile autograph (this is a print of a Caruso autograph drawing of himself). Will look truly awesome if framed!.

Large size: 10.5 x 14 inches, in very good condition, complete with all 6 pages including covers - great item to frame and enjoy

PRICE: $65.00 USD

(Item #: M4937-WOS2-A)
Original of the New-York Daily Tribune, November 21st, 1851, with announcements of upcoming concerts, including one by famous French-Italian opera diva Adelina Patti (1843-1919). Full large size newspaper, 15 x 20.25 inches, fold in the center, otherwise in excellent condition.

PRICE: $125.00 USD

(Item #: M4936-WOS2-A)

Vintage printed score for voice and piano of a duet from Norma (Hear me, Norma...), with Kempble on the cover next to Miss Rainforth, Bufford, Lithograph. 9.75” x 13.2 inches, published by Oliver Ditson, Boston, no year but from around 1850s. Some rust and stains, in good condition. 

PRICE: $150.00 USD

(Item #: M4943-WOS2-A)
Large size engraving showing a younger opera composer Gioacchino Rossini (1797-1865), by Girolamo Bozza, 1827. This is an original engraving from Rossini's time, size is 13.4 x 17.5 inches, minor overall, uniform toning, in excellent condition.

PRICE: $345.00 USD

(Item #: M5066-CSMT)

Large original etching of a rehearsal of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Felix Weingartner, 1926. A beautiful vintage print created by Austrian engraver and photographer Ferdinand Schmutzer (1870-1928).

Also included are pages with the information about the identities of each of the 51 musicians depicted.

A number of texts have been written regarding this exceptional print, notably “Dermusikerportraits of Ferdinand Schmutzer”, by Barbel Holaus, Vienna, 2001, in which he discuss’s  the artist , this print and numerous other musicians, composers, etc. and notably identifies each of the 51 musicians in this composition. Schmutzer captured the creative talents and personal demeanor of musicians and other famous personalities of his time (The Rose Quartet, Albert Einstein, Rudolph Von Alt, etc).

This print measures are: plate size 575x740 mm, on a sheet 743x960 mm , matted to 32”x 40”. Originally issued in an edition of 50  and a second edition of possibly less than 75. A truly fantastic, rare vintage print that will look great if framed. Item can only be shipped flat/unrolled, in a safe box, and has an extra shipping charge if sent abroad - see at checkout.

PRICE: $3,500.00 USD