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Farewell to Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012) November 04 2012

Hanz Werner Henze

Hans Werner Henze (1 July 1926 – 27 October 2012), the famous German composer has passed away at age 86 in Dresden. In a wide variety of styles, Henze wrote an impressive list of operas, music for theater and films, plus 10 Symphonies, 14 ballets, and a large number of pieces for chamber music ensembles, solo instruments and vocals (see full list here).

Henze´s autographs and programs are sought-after collectibles for those who loved his music.

Tenor John Mark Ainsley talks about Hans Werner Henze's last opera Phaedra (composed between 1997 and 2000), in which he sang the role of Hippolytus at the Barbican



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