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The Life of Chopin by Franz Liszt - An Overview

INTRODUCTORY NOTES "Life of Chopin" is a biography of the renowned Polish composer and piano virtuoso, Fryderyk Chopin. The book was originally published in French in about 1863 and was later translated to English by Martha Cook. It is written from the perspective of an actual friend, admirer, and fellow composer...

Grand Opera - The Story of the Met by Charles and Mirella Affron - Book Review

Review of the book Grand Opera - The Story of the Metropolitan Opera by Charles Affron and Mirella Affron.

Book "The Performances of Richard Strauss Operas in the 20th Century" - In 2 Volumes

During a hot weekend in August 1973 I sat on my terrace and lookedthrough old magazines not yet read and found an article which stated that one has to choose his hobby for the time after retiring at the latest at the age of forty, otherwise it will not work....

Cosima Wagner and Antonie Petersen

The history of a friendship between Hamburg and Bayreuth So far, little or nothing was known about the close links between Richard and Cosima Wagner and the northern German city state of Hamburg. Author Claudia Graciela Petersen has recently opened her family archive in order to publish two abundantly illustrated...

Ray Kroc: His Life and “Grinding it Out”

Even if you do not recognize the name “Ray Kroc,” you will recognize the franchise that he expanded to every corner of the globe -- McDonald’s. Ray Kroc is widely considered one of the greatest American businessmen in modern times. He practically launched the fast-food industry and changed the food-service...

The Arturo Toscanini Tours and His Wider Repertoire

The Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini was one of the most acclaimed musical figures of the late 19th century, and through to the mid 20th century. His career included spells as director of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, and of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the NBC Symphony Orchestra...

Book: "Visitors from the Past" by Jim Neglia

We received a copy of this fascinating book by Jim Neglia, percussionist, music contractor and orchestra personal manager with the NJ Symphony Orchestra.   For over 20 years, Neglia has been an avid collector of visiting cards and other signed music memorabilia such as signed photos, music quotes, letters and...

Julian Gayarre – The Voice from Paradise

"JULIAN GAYARRE - THE VOICE FROM PARADISE" is a new book by writer and opera expert Oscar Salvoch. We received as a gift this book (in Spanish) from the author - 970 pages with a very in-depth biography of the famous Spanish tenor, who passed away in 1890 just a week short...

Tamino Autographs @2021 - All rights reserved.

Tamino Autographs @2021 - All rights reserved.