Book: "Visitors from the Past" by Jim Neglia

We received a copy of this fascinating book by Jim Neglia, percussionist, music contractor and orchestra personal manager with the NJ Symphony Orchestra. For over 20 years, Neglia has been an avid collector of visiting cards and other signed music memorabilia such as signed photos, music quotes, letters and more....

Julian Gayarre – The Voice from Paradise

"JULIAN GAYARRE - THE VOICE FROM PARADISE" is a new book by writer and opera expert Oscar Salvoch.We received as a gift this book (in Spanish) from the author - 970 pages with a very in-depth biography of the famous Spanish tenor, who passed away in 1890 just a week short of...

Tamino Autographs @2020 - All rights reserved.

Tamino Autographs @2020 - All rights reserved.