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Top 15 Famous Violinists of All Time

Violin playing technique and styles have evolved drastically and considerably over the past 300 years from the time of Giuseppe Tartini in the late 1600s till to-day. Many violinists have left a lasting legacy on the world of violin playing but only a few can truly claim their title as...

The Violin Prodigy Child of Our Time

One of the most common criteria for identifying a child prodigy is someone who, by roughly ten years, shows an unusual grasp or proficiency in fundamentals in an area mostly undertaken by adults. Violin child prodigy is the most vaunted child prodigies. Are these children born with these special talents,...

Top 10 Famous Conductors in Classical Music and Opera

Few professions elicit more wonder, awe, and mystery than that of conductors, with only a small group of extraordinary individuals in history having dedicated their lives to this noble craft. Amongst the most curious facts about conducting, we can mention that even amongst classical musicians and regular concertgoers, the orchestra...

Top Famous Ballet Dancers

Known as one of the most beautiful artistic expressions in the world, ballet has marked a great history throughout time. This dance, considered by some people as classical dance and by others as academic dance, integrates various disciplines such as music, plastic arts, stage design, costumes, mimicry, acting, even extraordinary stories.

TOP 7 Opera and Classical Music Summer Festivals

During the summer months in the northern hemisphere, most classical music organisms like theaters, orchestral groups, chamber music associations and opera companies take a few months of hiatus from their programmed seasons. In these months European and American concertgoers, musicians and producers focus on the multiple exciting opportunities which festivals...

Tamino Autographs @2021 - All rights reserved.

Tamino Autographs @2021 - All rights reserved.