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Autograph vs. Signature - What Is the Difference?

Autograph is a versatile word because it can be used as a noun, a verb, or even an adjective. An autograph is a person’s own handwriting (auto: self, graph: drawing or writing). It is a more general or broad term or concept than a hand-made signature, which is a person´s name handwritten in a particular style and calligraphy, in a distinctive way that can be used as identification.

Autograph Books - A Record of Past and Present

Autographs are some of collectors' most prized possessions, often scribbled onto photographs, programs, memorabilia, or any odd piece of material. But what is better than one famous signature? An entire collection, of course! Some of the most impressive collections of autographs are stored in autograph books from throughout history.  ...

Autograph Collecting 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Collecting autographs: You might have thought about it or even done it over the years. Every time you go to a concert, you see a gaggle of autograph collectors lining up to get their music memorabilia signed by their favorite artist. Sometimes, you wonder if you’re bold enough to join...

How to Protect your Autographs from Fading

Welcome to this guide on the steps you can take to take care of your autograph collection. Over time, autographs will fade if they're not taken care of appropriately and there's nothing worse than a beloved autograph fading and becoming unrecognizable. By storing them properly, you can rest assured that...

Famous Signatures - Top 100 Celebrity Signatures in History

"The music of some composers resembles their handwriting: difficult to read, strange to look at once you get the hang of it. It is as if it couldn´t be any other way, handwriting belongs to the thought, the thought to the character" Robert Schumann, German composer (1810-1856)   A signature...

Movie Memorabilia: The Many Items Collected Around the World

During the 1920s the movie industry really started to bloom, with big blockbusters capturing the imagination of old and small all over the world. For a select few that passion went further than just watching and re-watching their favorites on the silver screen, they wanted something more, something they can...

Autograph CoA: Certificate of Authenticity? Facts You Should Know

So, you're looking to purchase a genuine autograph, and you've heard that it's best to have a CoA. But what is a CoA? An Autograph CoA, or Certificate of Authenticity, is usually a seal on paper intended to demonstrate that an item, in this case, an autograph, is authentic. Many...

Facsimile Autograph: How to Detect Printed Signatures

HOW TO KNOW WHEN AN AUTOGRAPH IS PRINTED OR IS IN FACT A REAL ONE CONTAINING REAL LIVE INK   In an earlier blog article, we mentioned that “the most frequently asked question when authenticating historical autographs is how to tell if an autograph is real?” The article went on...

Photo Top Loaders - Safely Store your Collectible Autographs

Top Loaders are a very convenient storage solution: sleeve-like items that usually have only one open side. They are usually made of Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, which is chemically non-reactive/inert. Here you can learn more about them, manufacturers, prices and sizes.

Ultimate Autographs - 10 Things that Make a Signed Photo Perfect

Are You Interested in Purchasing and/or Collecting Original Autograph Photos?   Here is a guide to help you know what is best or most desirable for collectors and fans.   Based on our experience of well over a decade helping autograph photograph collectors find their desired item, we compiled a...

What Are the Factors that Determine Autograph Values?

Ok, so in another article, we have described how the value of an autograph can be estimated by comparisons. Here we discuss in a little bit more detail the factors affecting the value of your autograph item. And the most important factor is (hear drums): COST If you are a...

Archival Framing: 10 Best Recommendations to Protect your Autographs

As collectors and autograph dealers, we regularly come across framed historical photographs and documents, which have to be removed from the frame. WHAT IS ARCHIVAL FRAMING? Archival framing is a type of work done to place your items in a frame (framing) using a certain quality of materials and methods....

Frame Shop Selection: Finding the Best Frame Shop for Your Autographs

Like other forms of goods and services advertising, we are inundated with countless ads for framing services by arts and crafts chains as well as local mom and pop framing stores.  These ads show you pictures of framed artwork and maybe even the interior of their stores with their attractive displays. However, behind...

Opera vs Operetta vs Musical...What's the Difference?

Learn about the differences between opera vs operetta vs musical. Like many artforms, the dividing lines between stage works including music are blurred. 

Autograph Value - How to Find It and Other Autograph Worth Questions

Tips on how to find autograph values - What are the most important factors, and answers to some of the most popular questions related to autograph worth

Picture Frame Glass Options for your Paper Collectibles

  When it comes to picture framing, many people focus on the frame design and overlook glazing — one of the most important decisions to make in framing.  Choosing the right glass for your picture frame can impact how your photos look. Also, it determines how long your collectibles will...

Old Photographs: The Evolution of Photographic Formats

Old photographs and their formats. different photographic formats spanning from the beginning of the 19th century until the end of it.

Where to Sell Autographs: Things to Keep an Eye On

Here’s everything you need to know about how to sell autographs and find the best offer depending on your situation.

How to Know When an Autograph is Authentic

The most frequently asked question when authenticating historical autographs is how to tell if an autograph is real? Established and respected autograph dealers are usually taken at their word that their items for sale are genuine, and not without reason. They use their experience and expertise to follow a series...

What does Autograph Mean? and Other Burning Autograph Questions

WHAT IS AUTOGRAPH / WHAT DOES AUTOGRAPH MEAN? Autograph is a person's own handwriting or signature, it comes from Greek, meaning “Self-Written”.   The word autograph is used as a synonym of someone's handwriting, but it is also used meaning handwritten FOR someone (“he autographed it to me”, meaning he...

Autograph Authentication: Where to Get Autographs Authenticated...and More

Autograph authentication is an integral part of the autograph collector’s journey in building a fine collection of signed memorabilia.   Do you need to authenticate an autograph? By reading this article you will have the information required in order to know how to authenticate a signature.   Autograph authentication services are provided...

14 Awesome Picture Frame Ideas for your Valuable Collectibles

There are in the market many different options of frame designs and materials, mat colors and textures, glass options, and other elements that can go into your frame choice. But that is not the end of it, here are 14 ideas that go a bit beyond the usual options of...

Where to Buy Authentic Autographs

The first question every burgeoning collector asks themselves is “where can I buy authentic autographs?” It is such a fundamental consideration as this will be the foundation upon which your collection is built, and the beginning of your journey into the fascinating and highly rewarding world of autograph collecting.  There...

Glossary of Autograph Terms

A glossary with the most important terms in autographs and autograph collecting

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Tamino Autographs @2021 - All rights reserved.

Showing items 1-24 of 28.

Tamino Autographs @2021 - All rights reserved.