Jaws Memorabilia: The Ultimate Guide for Collectors June 02 2023

As one of the most iconic and memorable films in U.S. cinema history, Jaws catapulted Steven Spielberg from a fledgling director with promise to a household name who's never wavered from his place on the roster of box office royalty.

Fans have feverishly collected Jaws memorabilia, from T-shirts to movie posters to action figures and film props, since shortly after the film made its debut in the summer of 1975 — and it continues to have a significant impact on 21st century pop culture. Many current collectors had not yet been born when the movie was first released.

Here's a closer look at Jaws memorabilia and the different types of items available on eBay for collectors of all ages, categories, and budgets.



JAWS Movie Poster

Posters and other related artwork are one of the popular types of Jaws memorabilia. From original theatrical posters to limited edition prints and commissioned artwork, there are a variety of options available for both casual and serious collectors. The most sought-after posters include the original 1975 one-sheet poster with the tagline "Don't go in the water" and the iconic "You're gonna need a bigger boat" poster.



JAWS Action Figures

Action figures and toys associated with Jaws are particularly popular among younger fans. From the original Kenner action figures released in 1975 to more recent releases such as Funko Pop figures and LEGO sets, there are a variety of options available for collectors of all ages.



JAWS prop

For serious collectors, props and costumes used in the movie can be prized possessions. Although some of the most iconic props, such as the mechanical shark, have been lost or destroyed, items such as the Orca boat and Quint's harpoon gun have been preserved and are highly coveted among those with the means to procure them for their collections. Costumes worn by the cast, such as Chief Brody's uniform or Quint's iconic shark-hunting outfit, can also fetch a high price among collectors.



Richard Dreyfuss Autograph JAWS

 [CLICKABLE IMAGE] Richard Dreyfuss Autograph shown in JAWS

For fans who want to own a piece of memorabilia with a personal connection to the cast and crew of the movie, autographs and signatures can be a great option. These items range from signed posters and scripts to personal items such as photographs and books. Autographed items can add a unique touch and special meaning to a collection.



Jaws limited Edition 45th Anniversary

Limited edition collectibles such as commemorative plates, coins, statues, and medallions can be unique and valuable additions to a Jaws memorabilia collection. One of the most popular limited edition items is a hand-painted polystone sculpture of The Orca, the ship used by the main characters in the movie



JAWS Beach Towel


A day at the beach wouldn't be the same for Jaws enthusiasts without the right accessories. These can be anything from oversized towels for lounging on the sand to themed tableware and drink cups for picnics by a bonfire.



Jaws has inspired a vast range of incidental themed items such as playing cards, matchbooks, key chains, bumper stickers, school lunch boxes, and even beer steins.



Jaws soundtrack

Another popular item is the Jaws soundtrack, composed by John Williams. The soundtrack, featuring the memorable and suspenseful theme music, has been released on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. It is a must-have for any Jaws fan — particularly those who enjoy setting just the right tone for themed parties and other Jaws events. 

With a wide range of items available at various price points, collectors and fans alike can enjoy adding to their collections and showing their love for this unforgettable film.

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- Richard Dreyfuss Autograph in JAWS 



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