Maria Callas: A Fantastic Collection October 09 2019

After Maria Callas passed away in September 1977, all her belongings were divided among her mother and her first ex-husband GB Meneghini, among other people. Her valuable collection of over 250 scores, including the ones she used to study her roles, was there, and most ended in Meneghini´s hand, later going into auction at Sotheby´s in Milan, 2007. 

We acquired 18 of those scores from that collection (almost a single one that was signed by her on the first page or on the cover), and many of them have hand markings in the music and annotations, mostly in pencil, sometimes in red ink.

Besides the Maria Callas Autographs and memorabilia section, a new section under "Maria Callas" in the opera category is now on our website, where we are adding some of these personal, wonderful pieces of operatic history.

(UPDATE: Aug/2020: this section is now removed, all items are sold out. Please inquire if interested).


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