TOP 5 Opera/Classical Music Summer Festivals

Top 5 Opera and Classical Music Summer Festivals

Here they are, in any given order:


Where: Bayreuth, Bavaria, south east Germany. Duration: approx. 1 month

Entirely dedicated to Richard Wagner´s works, and started by him in 1876 in a specially designed theater (Wagner supervised the design and construction), it takes place in July and August every year. It has become THE festival for Wagner fans worldwide, who must usually buy tickets several years in advance.

Demand for tickets usually exceeds around 10 times the ticket availability (58,000 per year), so waiting time to get tickets is between 5-10 years.


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Where: Most concerts at Royal Albert Hall, London (see photo). Duration: 8 weeks

The Promenade Concerts were first started indoors in 1895, originally created to promote classical music among those that normally do not attend concert halls. English conductor Henry Woods was one of the founding figures and conducted in the festival for nearly half a century.

The BBC Proms includes over 70 concerts every year. Today this is the world´s largest and most popular classical music festival, most of them take place at the famous Royal Albert Hall.



Where: Salzburg, Austria. Duration: 5 weeks

Started in 1920, this is certainly one of the most prominent festivals that includes both opera and classical music.

Festival emphasizes the works of Mozart, born in Salzburg in 1756. There is also a Salzburg Easter Festival since 1967, and a Salzburg Whitsun (Pentecost) Festival since 1973.

Just like with the other popular festivals, tickets are very sought-after and hard to find.

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Where: Tanglewood, Massachussets, USA. Duration: Around 10 weeks

Started in 1937, festival includes a concerts of symphonic music, chamber music, choral music, musical theater, contemporary music, jazz, and pop music.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra, established in 1881, is in residence at the Festival, which takes place in a relaxed, outdoorsy/countryside atmosphere. Very important artists regularly participate.



Where: Torre del Lago, Italy. Duration: around 2 months

Started in 1930, this festival attracts every year over 40,000 spectators. It has an open-air theater located near the house where the composer lived and created his operas for over 20 years. Festival focuses on Puccini´s operas, and has hosted the most famous names of the opera world.