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Schubert Geburtshaus, or Schubert’s birthplace, is a museum in Vienna, Austria, dedicated to the life and work of composer Franz Schubert. The museum is located in the building where Schubert was born. Here, a young Schubert took his first explorative steps in the world - long before he became known for his lieder and chamber music. 

The building, which was originally a simple townhouse, was turned into a museum in 1887, just ten years after Schubert's death. Now it showcases details from his life, such as school reports, sheet music, and music stations where visitors can enjoy some of his famous compositions. 

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Schubert was born in Vienna in 1797 and began composing music at a young age. He was a prolific composer and produced a wide range of works in his short life, including symphonies, operas, piano music, and choral works. However, he is best known for his lieder's beautiful harmonies and emotional depth - some of which are considered the finest examples of the genre.

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Schubert was also known for his chamber music, which remains popular today thanks to its innovative use of form and structure. Despite his talent and productivity, Schubert did not achieve widespread recognition until after his death. However, today he is considered one of the greatest composers in classical music history, and his works are widely performed and recorded. In fact, there are entire music festivals, or Schubertiades, that are explicitly held to celebrate his music. 


The small apartment building that now holds one of the many Schubert museums in Vienna is where his family lived when he was born in 1797 as his parent's twelfth child. At the time, the property was divided into sixteen different apartments, along with a school on the ground floor that his father ran. Schubert lived here for the first four years of his life before his family moved to a larger, nearby home in 1801.

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The top floor of the apartment building is now dedicated to his memory. The museum contains a wealth of information about Schubert's life and work, including portraits, letters, and personal belongings. Visitors can see the kitchen where Schubert was born, as well as other rooms that have been filled with artwork and various Schubert artifacts. The museum also includes portraits of Schubert by famous artists such as Moritz von Schwind and Leopold Kupelwieser

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Perhaps one of the most notable artifacts on display at Schubert Geburtshaus is a pair of the composer's glasses. Schubert's glasses became an iconic representation of his image, with most visual representations of him including the unique frames. The pair of glasses on display in his childhood home is sure to move admirers of Schubert and his work. 

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On top of the items that showcase Franz Schubert's early life and musical development, there is an exhibition of the artist Adalbert Stifter. One of the rooms showcases a series of paintings from the Austrian writer, poet, and painter known for his depictions of vivid landscapes - both in written works and paintings. 

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Schubert Geburtshaus is a must-see destination for fans of classical music and a fascinating place to visit for anyone interested in the life and work of Franz Schubert. While there is no shortage of intriguing and impressive sites in Vienna to learn more about Franz Schubert, Schubert Geburtshaus is the only one that gives a glimpse into the life he was born into while educating visitors on his early life and musical development.

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