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The Handel & Hendrix Museum in London – A visit June 17 2019

The Handel and Hendrix Museum in London

Located on 23-25 Brook Street in London, The Handel & Hendrix Museum, a lesser-known museum is very much worth visiting if you are in the English capital. The museum has furniture, music instruments, paintings, and copies of Handel´s manuscripts in display - not much actually belonged to George Handel (1685-17959) but is from his time. Handel lived in these apartments for over 35 years of his life, until he died in 1759, and this is where he composed many of his greatest works, including the famous oratorio "The Messiah" (1742).

On the upper floor, the Hendrix museum is where the legendary guitarist and musician Jimi Hendrix lived for almost a year (1968-1969). You can visit the main room of the flat where he lived, entertained friends, rehearsed and wrote new music, and gave numerous press and media interviews. It has been restored to show as it was in his time, with many objects, images, and artifacts illustrating his life and times.

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