Famous Signatures - Top 100 Celebrity Signatures in History March 18 2022

"The music of some composers resembles their handwriting: difficult to read, strange to look at once you get the hang of it. It is as if it couldn´t be any other way, handwriting belongs to the thought, the thought to the character"
Robert Schumann, German composer (1810-1856)


A signature represents a unique declaration of one's identity. Written in a particular style that's developed over time and with handwriting experience, a hand-written signature is proof of a person's identity and is replicable in totality only by the signatory.

Signatures are as personal as they are unique, and they're developed over time with education and practice. No two people have the same signature. It's this uniqueness that draws the eye to the handwriting. Compared to printed text, it seems like a foreign language laden with hidden meaning.

One's handwriting portrays far more than the words written. The spacing and slant of the words, their legibility, and the pressure the pen makes against the paper can speak volumes about the mindset of the signer. As a reader, it's nearly impossible not to read meaning into the pen strokes and judge their character and personality by their written signature.

A signature is tangible proof of the signer's personal connection to a document. Their fingers touched the pages, and their eyes read the words. Their mind understood its meaning and agreed to the contract, as is proven by their signature. A signatory's handwritten declaration of agreement is more powerful in a court law than one's own verbal promise. Your signature is your bond.

For collectors, a person's autograph, a type of artistic signature, differs from one's private signature used for legal agreements and banking. An autograph is meant to be beautiful and immediately identifiable. There's immense fun in learning the signatures of celebrities and important public figures and trying to identify and collect them. Autographs can have significant worth, especially when they're written on important documents or there's a particular story behind why the autograph was given to the recipient.

Notice the variations in handwriting styles through the centuries, and understand how education, technology, and how we spend our time have shaped the simple signature over time. Modern signatures tend to have bubbly letters and a superfluous appearance that portrays happiness and extroversion. Technically superior, older signatures were written at a time when penmanship could make or break your career. They tell a story of persistence, perfectionism, and practice.

One's signature is a reflection of their career field. You can easily see how much time one spends working with their hands-on fine detail work. Artists' signatures are different and evoke emotion. They're usually somewhat difficult to read, but they're immediately identifiable by devout followers of their work. Authors have a more practiced, technically correct, and easily legible signature that has a unique artistic flourish. Entertainers' signatures project an air of perfectionism. Scientists and athletes have sloppier handwriting because they spend less time practicing their signatures.

In an effort to honor the signature collector and their appreciation for handwritten signatures, we've compiled a list of 100+ famous signatures. From politicians and military leaders to entertainers and actors, this collection highlights the similarities and differences between prominent figures from several walks of life.

This list is a representation of some of the most famous names in their respective fields of practice. Take your time examining these signatures and you have new insights into who the signatory is in real life. Note that one's signature changes over time, life experiences, and moods. A signature can change abruptly between the beginning and end of the day, or even by the beginning of a contract signing and the end.

This is for informational purposes only. Here we only show one example for each selected historical personality, and this list shouldn't be used for comparison, but simply for your knowledge and entertainment. Autograph collecting is a hobby, not a precise psychological science.



Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya - Spanish painter (1746-1828)


Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright - American architect (1867-1959) 


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - French painter (1864-1901)


Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse - French artist (1869-1954)


Marc Chagall Signature

Marc Chagall - French artist (1887-1985)


Michelangelo Buonarroti Signature

Michelangelo Buonarroti - Italian painter, sculptor, and architect  (1475-1564)


Pablo Picasso Signature

Pablo Picasso - Spanish painter (1881-1973)


Rembrandt Signature

Rembrandt - Dutch painter (1606-1669)


Salvador Dali Signature

Salvador Dalí - Spanish artist (1904-1989)


Salvador Dali - Alternate Signature

Salvador Dalí (Alternate Signature)


Vincent Van Gogh Signature

Vincent Van Gogh - Dutch painter (1853-1890)


Walt Disney Signature

Walt Disney - American animator, writer, and entrepreneur (1901-1966)




Anna Pavlova Signature

Anna Pavlova - Russian Ballet dancer (1881-1931)


Vaslav Nijinsky Signature

Vaslav Nijinsky - Ukrainian Ballet dancer (1889-1950)




Bela Lugosi SignatureBela Lugosi - Hungarian-American actor (1882-1956) 


Clark Gable Signature

 Clark Gable - American actor (1901-1960)


Frank Sinatra Signature

Frank Sinatra - American singer and actor (1915-1998)


Greta Garbo Signature

Greta Garbo - Swedish-American actress (1905-1990) 


Harry Houdini Signature

Harry Houdini - Hungarian-American Illusionist and stunt performer (1874-1926)


John Wayne Signature

John Wayne - American actor (1907-1979)


Marilyn Monroe Signature

Marilyn Monroe - American actress (1926-1962)


Rudolph Valentino Signature

Rudolph Valentino - Italian actor (1895-1926)




Al Capone Signature

Al Capone - American gangster and businessman (1899-1947)


Charlemagne Signature

Charlemagne - King of the Franks (747-814)


Florence Nightingale Signature

Florence Nightingale - English nurse (1820-1910)


Louis XIV Signature

Louis XIV - King of France "Le Roi Soleil" (1638-1715)


Mahatma Gandhi Signature

Mahatma Gandhi - Indian lawyer and anti-colonial nationalist (1869-1948)


Marie Antoinette Signature

Marie Antoinette - Queen of France (1755-1793)


Princess Diana Spencer Signature

Diana Spencer - Princess of Wales (1961-1997)


Queen Victoria Signature

Queen Victoria - Queen of the United Kingdom (1819-1901)


Theodor Herzl Signature

Theodor Herzl - Austro-Hungarian Jewish political activist (1860-1904)





Charles Dickens Signature

Charles Dickens - English novelist (1812-1870)


Edgar Allan Poe Signature

Edgar Allan Poe - American writer and poet (1809-1849)


Friedrich Nietzsche Signature

Friedrich Nietzsche - German philosopher (1844-1900)


Johnann von Goethe Signature

Johann W. von Goethe  - German poet, playwright and novelist (1749-1832)


Leon Tolstoy Signature

Leon Tolstoy - Russian writer and novelist (1828-1910)


Leon Trotsky Signature

Leon Trotsky - Russian Marxist revolutionary and political theorist (1879-1940)


Mark Twain - Samuel Clemens Signature

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) - American Novelis (1835-1910)


Miguel de Cervantes Signature

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra - Spanish novelist (1547-1616)


Sigmund Freud Signature

Sigmund Freud - Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis (1856-1939)


Victor Hugo Signature

Victor Hugo - French poet, novelist, and dramatist (1802-1885)


Walt Whitman Signature

Walt Whitman - American poet, essayist and journalist (1819-1892)


William Shakespeare Signature

William Shakespeare - English playwright, poet and actor (1564-1616)




Duke Ellington Signature

Duke Ellington - American pianist and leader of a jazz orchestra (1899-1974)


Elvis Presley Signature

Elvis Presley - American singer and actor (1935-1977)


Enrico Caruso Signature

Enrico Caruso - Italian tenor 1873-1921


Freddie Mercury Signature

Freddie Mercury - British singer and leader of the band "Queen" (1946-1991)


Frederic Chopin Signature

Frederic Chopin - French pianist and composer (1810-1849)


George Gershwin Signature

George Gershwin - American pianist and composer  (1898-1937)


Gioachino Rossini Signature

Gioachino Rossini - Italian composer (1792-1868)


Giuseppe Verdi Signature

Giuseppe Verdi - Italian composer (1813-1901)


Jenny Lind Signature

Jenny Lind - Swedish soprano (1820-1887)


Jimi Hendrix Signature

Jimi Hendrix - American musician, singer, and songwriter (1942-1979)


Johann Sebastian Bach Signature

Johann Sebastian Bach - German composer (1686-1750)


Ludwig van Beethoven Signature

Ludwig van Beethoven - German composer (1770-1827)


Nellie Melba Signature

Nellie Melba - Australian soprano (1861-1931)


Piotr Tchaikovsky Signature

Piotr Tchaikovsky - Russian composer  (1840-1893)


Richard Wagner Signature

Richard Wagner - German composer (1813-1883)


Scott Joplin Signature

Scott Joplin - African-American composer and pianist (1868-1917)

An exceedingly rare find


The Beatles Signatures

The Beatles - British rock band founded in 1960

(Top to bottom Harrison - McCartney - Lennon - Starr)


Wolfgang A Mozart Signature

Wolfgang A Mozart - Austrian composer (1756-1791)





Abraham Lincoln Signature

Abraham Lincoln - American politician and President of the USA (1809-1865)


Benito Mussolini Signature

Benito Mussolini - Italian politician (1883-1945)


Douglas MacArthur Signature

Douglas MacArthur - American General of the U.S. Army (1880-1964)


Duke of Wellington Signature

Duke of Wellington - Anglo-Irish leading military and political figure (1769-1852)


Erwin Rommel Signature

Erwin Rommel - German General during the World War II (1891-1944)


Eva Peron Signature

Eva Peron - Argentine actress, politician and former first lady of Argentina (1919-1952)


Fidel Castro Signature

Fidel Castro - Cuban revolutionary and politician (1926-2016)


George Washington Signature

George Washington Signature - American politician, first president of the USA )1732-1799)


Giuseppe Garibaldi Signature

Giuseppe Garibaldi - Italian revolutionary (1807-1882)


Henry VIII Signature

Henry VIII - King of England (1491-1547)


Hirohito Signature

Hirohito - Emperor of Japan (1901-1989)


Jacqueline Kennedy Signature

Jacqueline Kennedy - Former first lady of the USA (1929-1994)


Joan of Arc Signature

Joan of Arc - French heroine (1412-1431)


John F Kennedy Signature

John F. Kennedy - American politican and President of the USA (1917-1963)


Jose de San Martin Signature

Jose de San Martin - Argentine General and National heroe (1778-1850)


Maximilien Robespierre Signature

Maximilien Robespierre - French lawyer and revolutionary (1758-1794)


Napoleon Bonaparte Signature

Napoleon Bonaparte - French military and political leader (1769-1821)


Oliver Cromwell Signature

Oliver Cromwell - English general and statesman (1599-1658)


Otto von Bismarck Signature

Otto von Bismarck - German statesman and diplomat (1815-1898)


Paul von Hindenburg Signature

Paul von Hindenburg - German general and statesman (1847-1934)


Simon Bolivar Signature

Simon Bolivar - Venezuelan military and political leader (1783-1830)


Vladimir I Lenin Signature

Vladimir I Lenin - Russian revolutionary and politician (1870-1924)


Winston Churchill Signature

Winston Churchill - British statesman (1874-1965)




Albert Einstein Signature

Albert Einstein - German-born theoretical physicist (1879-1955)


Alexander Graham Bell Signature

Alexander Graham Bell - Scottish-born inventor and engineer (1847-1922)


Charles Darwin signature

Charles Darwin - English naturalist and writer (1809-1882)


Gregor Mendel Signature

Gregor Mendel - Czech mathematician and biologist (1822-1884)


Guglielmo Marconi Signature

Guglielmo Marconi - Italian inventor and electrical engineer (1874-1937)


Isaac Newton Signature

Isaac Newton - English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer (1642-1726)


Leonardo da Vinci Signature

Leonardo da Vinci - Italian polymath (1452-1519)


Louis Pasteur Signature

Louis Pasteur - French chemist and microbiologist (1822-1895)


Marie and Pierre Curie Signatures

Marie Curie (1867-1934) and Pierre Curie (1859-1906) - French physicists


Steve Jobs Signature

Steve Jobs - American business magnate (1955-2011)


Thomas Alva Edison Signature

Thomas Alva Edison - American inventor and businessman (1847-1931)


Wilburn and Orville Wright Signatures

Wilbur Wright (1867-1912) and Orville Wright (1871-1948) - American brothers and aviation pioneers. 




Amelia Earhart sIGNATURE

Amelia Earhart - American aviation pioneer and author (1897-1937)


Americo Vespucci Signature

Americo Vespucci - Italian explorer and navigator (1451-1512)


Charles Lindbergh Signature

Charles Lindbergh - American aviator and inventor (1902-1974)


Ronald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen - Norwegian explorer of polar regions (1872-1928)



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