Vienna Philharmonic 1926 – Large Original Etching by Ferdinand Schmutzer May 31 2017

Vienna Philharmonic 1926 – Large Original Etching by Ferdinand Schmutzer

Ferdinand Schmutzer (1870-1928), an Austrian artist, printmaker and photographer produced this etching , in 1926, featuring the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, in rehearsal, under the baton of conductor Felix Weingartner (1863-1942).

A number of texts have been written regarding this exceptional print, notably “Dermusikerportraits of Ferdinand Schmutzer”, Barbel Holaus , Vienna, 2001, in which he discuss’s  the artist, this print and numerous other musicians and composers, and the 51 musicians in this composition are identified.

Schmutzer captured the creative talents and personal demeanor of musicians and other famous personalities of his time (The Rose Quartet, Albert Einstein, Rudolph von Alt, etc). There have been only a few offered for sale to our knowledge , in the past ten years, and we are proud to offer one original in our website.

   This item is setting a standard for the unique character of musical prints and related books of musical interest that we will be listing in the coming months.

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