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Tamino Autographs proudly sells autographed celebrity photos for sale, as well as hand-signed documents, programs and letters from famous artists in the following disciplines:

Tamino Autographs现自豪地出售名人亲笔签名照片,以及各学科著名艺术家的亲笔签名文件、影视作品和信件:

- Opera, Classical Music, Classic Film and Ballet Autographs.

- Art, Literature, Science & Invention, Politics and Military, Space and World Personalities / Celebrities Autographs.

- 歌剧、古典音乐、经典电影和芭蕾的签名。

- 艺术、文学、科学与发明、政治与军事、航空和世界级人物/名人亲笔签名。


Let us help you build your autograph collection!







- We have an expansive inventory, with authenticity guaranteed.

- Our prices are fair market or below market so you always get a great deal.

- We go above and beyond to help autograph collectors, providing excellent service every time.

- 我们有大量库存,并保证亲笔签名的真品性。

- 我们的价格为市场公平价格,甚至低于市场价格,您可以借此享受更多优惠。

- 我们会不遗余力地为签名收藏家提供协助及优质服务。



We have 15,000+ active listings online - all in stock and available - and many more not yet listed on this website.

我们有 15,000 多个在线销售列表 - 全部有货,以供购买 – 同时,我们还有很多尚未列入销售清单的签名。

Founded in 2006, Tamino Autographs, has become one of the most trusted names among autograph dealers, offering the largest inventory available online in autographed celebrity photos for sale. One of our specialties is our music autograph inventory.

Tamino Autographs 成立于 2006 年,已成为签名经销商中最值得信赖的品牌之一,拥有最大库存,专注于在线出售名人签名照。音乐签名是我们的专营项目之一。

We obtain signed photos from autographs signings, purchases of autograph collections, estate sales, and, most often, from direct purchases of private collections.


Our autographs are backed by a CoA (Certificate of Authenticity), please request a CoA at no extra cost from anything you purchase from us.

我们的亲笔签名均由 CoA(真品证书)鉴定,购买任何商品时您可以免费索取 CoA

Tamino Autographs is the exclusive provider of the New York-based Metropolitan Opera Shop and the Juilliard Shop. We are also providers for many important private, library and museum collections around the world.

Tamino Autographs 是总部位于纽约的 Metropolitan Opera Shop Juilliard Shop 的独家供应商,同时也是世界各地许多重要的私人、图书馆和博物馆藏品的供应商。

As collectors ourselves, we understand the collector´s high demands and needs. We guarantee 100% authentic autographs and celebrity memorabilia. Collectors can browse our site to find autographs signed by the artist they admire as well as a vast inventory of programs, posters, playbills and other rare collectibles.

作为收藏家,我们了解收藏家的高要求和需求。我们保证 100% 真品签名和名人纪念品。 收藏家可以浏览我们的网站,查找他们欣赏的艺术家的签名以及大量影视作品、海报、宣传单和其他稀有收藏品

We are members of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (ABAA) and, by affiliation, the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB). Tamino Autographs is also a member of Autograph Fair Trade Association Ltd. (AFTAL) and The Manuscript Society, and we strongly observe their Code of Ethics in all our sales of celebrity autographs and unsigned memorabilia. 

我们是美国古董书商协会 (ABAA) 的成员,并且隶属于国际古董书商联盟 (ILAB)Tamino Autographs 还是 Autograph Fair Trade Association Ltd. (AFTAL) The Manuscript Society 的成员,我们在销售名人签名和未签名纪念品时严格遵守其道德准则。

Tamino Autographs is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business in good standing and observes their strict code of ethics and guidelines for customer care.

Tamino Autographs 是商业改进局 (BBB) 认可的信誉良好企业,严格遵守其严谨的道德准则和客户服务准则。



Our website has secured/encrypted pages for the entire checkout process and your financial information is only seen by you and our credit card processor, never shared nor stored with us. Rest assured you can buy from us in a totally safe way.




As part of this commitment to authenticity, we offer 100% Lifetime Guarantee on all collectibles we sell.

作为对真品承诺的一部分,我们对出售的所有收藏品提供 100% 终身保障。

An invoice is sent with every shipped item sold, certifying authenticity. Additional Certificates of Authenticity (CoA) can be released at no extra cost if required by autograph collectors at the time of purchase and before item is shipped.

为了证明商品的真品性,每件售出的发货物品均提供发票。依据亲笔签名收藏家在购买时和发货前的要求,我们还可以免费提供真品证书 (CoA)

Our policy regarding 3rd party authentication services is explained in our FAQ page. Please read it in advance if you plan to use those services.


Your online purchase is 100% guaranteed secure by our credit card processor.  We also accept US bank drawn checks and money orders (Western Union, Money Gram and USPS).

我们的信用卡处理商 100% 保证您的在线购买安全。我们还接受由美国银行开具的支票和汇票(西联汇款、速汇金和 USPS)。

It would be advantageous for overseas clients to make their card issuer aware of an upcoming transaction otherwise payments can be delayed due to increased fraud checks.




Unsatisfactory items may be returned within 14 days of receipt for your choice of a store credit or a full refund. In order to qualify for a refund, items must first be returned in the exact same condition they were shipped. By default we ship via USPS, and provide the option to ship via FedEx or UPS. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable for any items that were already shipped, either returned or not. At our discretion, a restocking and relisting fee of up to USD 40 could be applied for some returned items, although this is very rarely applied.

若对商品不满意,您可在收到商品后 14 天内退货,我们提供店内抵用金或全额退款。退款商品必须与发货时的状况相同。默认情况下,我们通过 USPS 运送,并提供通过 FedEx UPS 运送的选项。对于任何已经发货的物品,无论是否申请退款,运输及处理费用均不予退还。某些退货商品可能会收取最高 40 美元的补货和重新上架费用,尽管这种情况很少,但我们有权自行决定是否收取该类费用。



We are at 120 Bennett Avenue, Apt # 1 L, New York, NY, 10033, United States. Availability is by appointment only.

我们位于 120 Bennett Avenue, Apt # 1 L, New York, NY, 10033, United States。 仅限预约。

You can EMAIL us or give us a call at (212) 543-4787.

您可以给我们发电子邮件或致电 (212) 543-4787



See our Amazon seller feedback is HERE and our eBay store feedback HERE.

请在此处查看我们的亚马逊卖家评价,并在此处查看我们的 eBay 商店评价。

You can also visit our eBay store.

您也可以浏览我们的 eBay 商店。

Nestor H. Masckauchan - Founder of Tamino Autographs, LLC.

Nestor H. Masckauchan - Tamino Autographs, LLC 创始人。

NOTE TO ALL CALIFORNIA BUYERS: Name and address of seller´s of autograph items are only available upon request and mutual agreement to maintain this information as confidential is required.


Tamino Autographs @2021 - All rights reserved.

Tamino Autographs @2021 - 保留所有权利。