Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Tamino Autographs

What does Tamino Autographs sell?

Founded in 2006, we offer signed photos, handwritten and typed letters with signature, signed books and other autograph material to collectors and institutions, small and large.      

How do you source these autographed items?

We purchase collections by direct sale to us, estate sales and auctions, other dealers, as well as signings in person.

How do I know it is authentic / Do you guarantee authenticity?

We guarantee 100% authenticity in all items we sell. We are members of the most important dealer associations and have an excellent, long standing reputation to defend.

Tamino Autographs is a provider of autographs to several famous institutions and opera houses, as well as very important collections, museums and archives. We are members in good standing of BBB, The Manuscript Society, AFTAL and other dealer associations and business entities.

The processes we use and the parameters we consider when determining authenticity will be explained in much more detail in an extensive article about this topic that we will be published soon in our blog (link will be added here).

Do you Provide a CoA?

Yes, a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) is provided at no extra charge if you request one after your purchase. An invoice with a photograph of the item you purchase is provided with all purchases, this invoice certifies authenticity, making the CoA unnecessary, but if you still want a CoA besides the invoice, please ask and we will include one.

Printed invoices are shipped with orders only for domestic orders. By default, international orders do not include printed invoices inside the shipment - you will receive one via email as PDF -  unless otherwise requested by the customer.


If I send my purchase to 3rd party authenticator, can I return it if it fails their certification?

Yes is the shortest answer, however, we don´t accept just any authenticator services you may choose. We authenticate everything we sell, and authenticity of the items we sell is guaranteed for the lifetime of the item, never expires. The vast majority of our customers never even think of going and paying a 3rd party authenticator since it is certainly not necessary. Still, if you want to do that, you need to know that cheap, quick authentication services are not acceptable by most dealers, including us. We recognize only 3 authentication services, and you will need letters from 2 in order to file a return claim to us. Please contact us if you want to go in this direction with your purchase, since we do not accept returns based on just any opinion of any authenticator - Nobody does, in this business. You also have a 14-day return policy, no questions asked, on your side.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs largely depend on the amount of your purchase, the distance to destination (we are located in New York, USA), and your shipping choice at checkout (there are several services available, with different speed).

We ship via USPS and UPS, (FedEx on special request only) shipping costs are listed in our Shipping & Privacy Page. We do not ship with other shipping companies.

At checkout, you will be given the exact amount of your shipping costs and several options.

We ship within 3 business days. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE.

How do I know payments on your site are safe, and my information is kept private?

Our website has secured/encrypted pages for the entire checkout process, guaranteed by Shopify checkout, and your financial information is only seen by you - never by us - nor stored with us. Buying from us is 100% safe and guaranteed safe. We will never share your email information with anyone. Link to our privacy policy can be read on this page.

Can I pay with PayPal or bank transfer?

You can pay via bank transfer, please contact us. We accept all major credit cards via encrypted, guaranteed secure pages. PayPal is currently not accepted by our website, sorry.

How do I properly store / keep my autograph collection?

This requires a rather long answer, a great way to learn more about these topics is to read our blog articles about this:

The Ultimate Guide on How to Store Autographed Photos

Autograph Framing Done Rights - How to Frame Your Autographs Poreperly

I want to sell an autograph / autograph collection. What do I need to do?

Contact us. We recommend you take photographs with your cell phone and/or scans of the items you want to sell, and measure their size.

A good guide on how to proceed is explained in our page dedicated to this topic: 

Do You Want to Sell?

What does it mean that your prices are final?

It means that we publish prices that are firm, not subject to negotiations or discounts unless, of course, we are currently running a sale, offering coupons or discounts for a category or certain items. We offer no discounts upon request via email or call to us.

Our prices are very reasonable and competitive, at the market or even below, and unlike other dealers we do not publish artificially inflated prices in order to then give fake discounts to our customers.

Is this a physical store? Can I pick up my purchase in person?

It is an online store, however, we have an office in New York city (in Manhattan), you can visit us and view or pick up any item/s but only by previous appointment.

What is your return policy?

You may return items within 14 days from receipt, and get a credit store or a full refund. Please see our return policy here.