Fabulous collection of scores that belonged to Maria Callas, each score in this section belonged to her library and is signed by her.

After Maria Callas passed away in Paris in September 1977, all the contents of her Paris apartment were split mostly among her mother and her first ex-husband, G.B. Meneghini. Most of her personal score collection went to her first husband, eventually ending in an auction by Sotheby´s in Milan, 2007, when a large lot of over 250 scores was sold to a collector.

These were the scores she used to study her roles!.

Of those 250+ scores, some have markings and annotations, around 50 were rebound with her initials on the spine, but only 20 were signed by Callas, usually on the first page, on the front end page (after the front cover) or on the cover - We are proud to offer some of the only 20 signed scores from that lot.

EACH score is provided with a PDF copy of the documentation from the original Sotheby's purchase in 2007, including the permit to leave Italy, lot description (original buyer´s information has been scratched for privacy reasons). See individual listings below.