A Truly Amazing, Large Collection of Programs January 30 2014

Enrico Caruso - Geraldine Farrar - Ernestine Schumann-Heink signed program clip

We just acquired an amazing collection of programs - A total of 52 banker´s boxes!

Collection contains a wide variety of items, including opera programs (both signed and unsigned) and playbills mostly from European and American theaters as well as some Latin-American performances. This is by far the largest program collection we have ever purchased.

Starting in the 1830s, and all the way through 2012, we are finding many rarities and treasures (like this signed cast clip shown on the right).

There are of course quite a few sought-after opera programs, such as nearly 50 programs and playbills with star soprano Maria Callas!

Quite a few vintage programs and playbills from the Bayreuth Festspiele and Salzburg Festival guides, a mini collection with over 200 playbills from the K.K. Hofoperntheater (from 1874 through 1930s) and other Vienna theaters from that era, and more.

It will take us a while to sort through such a vast collection, catalog, scan and list in our website some of these treasures, but that will certainly be happening during the rest of this year. Stay tuned!

(Original posting date: October 2014)


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