An Update on COVID-19 April 06 2020

Update on Covid-19

As a virus pandemic is affecting the world, and sadly many lives as well, numerous events, businesses, and plans have been altered. Still, we are always here hoping our friends and customers are well and safe.

We are located in New York, where the pandemic is at its worst in the United States, with the largest number of cases. Here, for example, most businesses, all theaters, and performance venues are temporarily closed (see photo) while this crisis unfolds, and that could take, hopefully, a few more weeks.

The Metropolitan Opera in New York canceled the rest of the season 2019-20, and the entire season 1920-21 (you can still visit The Met Opera Shop, well supplied with opera autographs). - and so did many opera houses, concert halls, and theaters in the rest of the world.

However, there is an enormous amount of recorded and live performances being broadcasted!

Here is a list of some opera and classical music concerts being available online these days, published by The Guardian

Due to the nature of our online business, we are able to run fully normal operations and fulfill all orders without delays (2-3 business days, as usual).

Stay well and stay safe!


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