Book: "Visitors from the Past" by Jim Neglia September 14 2020

Visitors from the Past book
We received a copy of this fascinating book by Jim Neglia, percussionist, music contractor and orchestra personal manager with the NJ Symphony Orchestra.


For over 20 years, Neglia has been an avid collector of visiting cards and other signed music memorabilia such as signed photos, music quotes, letters and more.


Neglia´s third book, "Visitors from the Past", was published in July 2020 by AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Indiana, contains 244 pages with many illustrations of visiting cards, or vintage business cards, from composers, conductors and instrumentalists. Visiting cards are a very special, unique item to collect, they represent a personal connection with the artist and collectors, and many times they are signed, inscribed to important personalities, contain music quotes, and even short messages and notes.


In the same way that composer CDVs (Cartes-de-visite) were used as visiting cards in the 1860s, these vintage business cards were a way to introduce yourself, leave a short note, sign an autograph for someone, and establish a personal connection with someone leaving the card as a souvenir.


Book is organized displaying a short biographical summary of each classical music artist (composer, violinist, pianist, conductor) with a portrait and a short comment, and an image of front and, sometimes, verso of the visiting card. It is a highly illustrated book, which we generously received from the author, inscribed to us, covering a very particular and truly fascinating area of collecting autographs.


Book can be purchased in Amazon (hardcover $30, paperback $25).


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