Caruso Porcelain Figurines April 08 2014

Made at different times, porcelain figurines of the superstar Italian tenor (1873-1921) are valuable, sought-after collectibles that one can find in antique shops, auction houses and even flea markets around the globe.

Enrico Caruso - Porcelain Figurines

Top Line (from left to right): Caruso as Canio in Pagliacci, his signature role, first 2 from the left were made by Rosenthal, most likely after Caruso´s death. The one on the right is not only the largest (12 inches high!) but also is - by far - the rarest of these Pagliacci figurines.

Bottom Line (left to right): Caruso as the Duke of Mantua, in Rigoletto (made by Studio 21, UK) - Caruso as Radames in Aida - Caruso as Canio in Pagliacci. The Metropolitan Opera in New York ordered 5,000 of these from Hutschenreuther, Germany to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of its opening in 1983 (although they were made and labeled 1981 at the bottom). This is so far the only known commerical porcelain based on the iconic photo of Caruso as Canio with a drum, created by Hermann Mishkin.

You can find 2 for sale here:

Caruso Limited Edition Porcelain Figurine

Caruso, Enrico - Porcelain Figurine by Rosenthal



- Enrico Caruso in New York - The best years of his career


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