Grand Opera - The Story of the Met by Charles and Mirella Affron - Book Review July 06 2021

We received with great pleasure a copy of this book by opera and film experts and writers Charles Grand Opera - The Story of the Met by Charles and Mirella Affronand Mirella Jona Affron. A fine book signed by author, and inscribed to us, now part of our proud collection.

Charles Affron, a retired professor of French Literature at NY University, and wife Mirella Jona Affron, retired professor of Cinema Studies at CUNY partnered in the writing of this book that tells us the story of the Metroplitan Opera in New York, since its founding in 1883 until 2013.

Book has preface, 11 chapters plus notes, and some black and white illustrations. Published in 2014 by University of California Press, hardcovers, 447 numbered pages describing the story of the Met from the stand point of view of artists, performances, composers and operas, keeping an eye on the context at a national level. 

It is very well written, easy to read, and, as a book published in 2014, it is truly nice to have a book on the story of the Met Opera that includes the most recent developments in the company, such as the recent controversial production of Wagner´s "Ring" by LePage, as well as the HD live broadcasts.

Book can be found HERE

 Grand Opera - The Story of the Met by Charles and Mirella Affron - tab



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