Just Acquired: The Enrico Aloi Autograph Collection February 01 2016

We are proud to announce that we just acquired a wonderful collection of autographs, unsigned photos, vintage printed music and sketches that belonged to Enrico Aloi (1922-2002). A close friend of Rosa Ponselle, he authored 3 pictorial books about her, currently well-known in the opera world. He was also a highly skilled sketch artist, and - as the passionate opera fan that he was - portrayed many singers he met during his life.

This highly interesting collection includes over 100 framed autographs (some of them are depicted in the photo) and many unframed signed and unusual/rare unsigned photographs, with a strong focus on Rosa Ponselle.

We will be working on this collection in the coming weeks, and will start listing some of these items on our site - Stay tuned!

See some of the items from this collection:

- Enrico Caruso autographs and memorabilia

- Rosa Ponselle Autographs (category of autographs $50 or less)

- Rosa Ponselle Autographs

(Original posting date: October 2016)


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