Marie Taglioni, Celebrated Ballerina – Playbills July 15 2014

Born in Sweden from Italian parents, Marie Taglioni (1804-1884) was by far one of the most famous ballerinas of all times. Taglioni rose to fame when her father (also a dancer and teacher) created for her the famous ballet La Sylphide in 1832.

Taglioni was also famous for the use of dancing en pointe, and shortening the skirt (a highly scandalous practice in her time).

In 1827 and after a few years in theaters in London and Paris, Taglioni left for St. Petersburg, Russia, where she performed for 15 years, with many trips back to London and Paris.

We have added a few playbills announcing performances by Marie Taglioni in

London, 1837, these are rare memorabilia items that immortalize this part of her career and show how famous she was in her time.