Shipping orders – Coronavirus Update June 17 2020

Coronavirus update on shipping orders

We are experiencing a coronavirus pandemic, with profound effects in many aspects of our daily life! One of them is the delays in shipments between countries, and even inside the United States.

The United States Postal Service, which carries most of our shipments in the US and abroad, is having problems shipping to some countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Here is the list of countries they are currently not taking any shipments:

USPS page with current no ship-to countries

European countries are not part of the above problem, but the drastically reduced amount of flights between the US and Europa has forced the regular mail service to be shipped as cargo in ships across the ocean. This causes delays of 1-2 weeks for shipping, 2-3 weeks for the ocean crossing, plus around 10-14 days until goods are unloaded, inspected, redirected, and reach their final destination.

A complete, updated report on USPS services can be found here:

USPS page with service status (alerts)

As of June 16th, 2020, six large shipments with mail have been sent abroad, mostly to European ports (the last one was to the Netherlands, June 4th, 2020).

We are aware that most of the US and Europe are currently starting to leave quarantine, and flights will resume soon, so we expect the situation to become much better in the coming weeks.

For your autograph orders: Please be aware of all of the above if you plan to place a new order, you can always opt for other shipping services, including UPS, and Express Mail by USPS, both of which experience no or mild delays. DHL and FedEx are also a possibility, but only on special request to us.


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