Trapp Family Chorus Signed Program – Back 63 Years Later August 13 2013

Trapp Family Chorus signed program

The Trapp Chorus, was composed by members of the Von Trapp family which originally came from Austria in 1939. On tour around the USA and Canada, they gave well over 1000 performances of choral music by Bach, Mozart, Brahms, etc as well as traditional songs from Central Europe, English madrigals, and more - usually with a pianist.

Their matriach was Maria Von Trapp (1905-1987), her story served as the inspiration for a 1956 German film that later on inspired a musical on Broadway. And in 1965, the blockbuster film The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews.

In 1950, the Trapp Family Chorus made a very successful tour in the Americas, visiting Argentina, among other countries. We have recently acquired a collection of signed programs and autograph photos, and found a very rare program of a performance by the Trapp Family Chorus at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was signed by 7 of their 9 members plus the pianist (see insert photo)

We offered this program to the last surviving member of the chorus, one who originally signed it in 1950. After 63 years, we are very happy to know that this programs came back to the hands of the Von Trapp family!

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