A Royal Albert Hall Tour! January 29 2020

A tour of the Royal Albert Hall

We have just done the wonderful Royal Albert Hall tour, allowing us to get an insight into the history and see the backstage of this venue in London. Not one of the most popular of the many tourist attractions that London has to offer, but it is definitely worth the tour ticket and the visit.

Built in just 4 years (foundation stone was laid in 1867) and opened in 1871 by Queen Victoria, the Royal Albert Hall is one of the most important historical event venues in Europe, and held many important events in modern United Kingdom history. Word-famous Prime Minister Winston Churchill delivered a speech at Royal Albert Hall a total of 16 times, and his 80th birthday was celebrated there with a concert. 

Royal Albert Hall - London
Royal Albert Hall - London
Royal Albert Hall - London

It can seat over 5,200 spectators, has spacious space with seats for the royal family (plus a royal retiring room), and hosts almost 400 events per year, including the world-famous BBC Proms, a 2-month long series of classical music concerts.

Building the Royal Albert Hall was costly, and our tour guide told us they came up with an interesting idea, which was selling seats in advance, so owners would have them for 999 years from the date of purchase. Owned seats can be of course inherited, and owners can use those seats at no charge for all events produced by Royal Albert Hall, which is around 60% of all events at the venue.

The Royal Albert Hall also has a small gift shop, a cafe bar and an Italian food restaurant named Verdi Restaurant as well. 

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